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kitchen Extension, Worminghall, Bucks

The client visited us prior to commissioning her builders so we were able to produce a number of kitchen design options off the architects plans so that once agreed the builder was fully au fait with what was required for the extension and opening up of the space.  In talking to the client we were told that they wanted their new kitchen to be open, friendly, different seating positions and as much storage as possible.  However, they wanted the kitchen to feel cool, streamlined and not necessarily have that “kitchen into an open seating area”.  It need to be family and friends friendly, so whilst cooking is taking place everyone can meet, mix and mingle and there still be space.

Some of the most important parts of the design in this kitchen and extension were storage, the ease of use, soft closing drawers and doors so no banging, practical worktops, easy to clean surfaces and the tone and texture of the overall feel for the kitchen.

We designed into the plans a double door larder with soft closing door mechanisms and by the sink and work island we built in a two wicker basket vegetable rack, we also included a pull out towel rack and two pull-out spice racks. In helping the client to keep their kitchen not looking cluttered we built into the corner by a window an up and over door so that mixers, blenders could be store but easily accessed.  Handles were important to the client and keeping with the clean lines of the design the Boston Bar handles worked perfectly in all instances. To bring in line with the wooden flooring we designed a unqiue breakfast bar off the large work island, using Bamboo and to follow this through we added a top on the bespoke dresser in the alcove to match.  Lighting was key to the client, whist opening up the rear of the property with the extension and skylight, the client wanted the kitchen to remain light and airy at all times, we therefore put LED lights in the larder, flush fitting spot lights were put into the ceiling and over the work island the Client had suspended 3 beautiful lights in a matching colour to the kitchen. This project from the architects plans to installation took 18 months, but in this time she had a beautiful huge extension and a fabulous new kitchen with all the storage and accessories imaginable.

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