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Long Crendon, Bucks – as seen on Channel 4’s Best Laid Plans

Back in January 2017 Janice popped into the showroom and said that she had been to quite a number of kitchen showrooms and had not really seen what she wanted and certainly not at the price she wanted to pay.  She loved the framed kitchen in the corner of the showroom and gave me a list of cupboards so that I could give her some ballpark quotes to see how we compared.

She really loved the quality of the kitchens and the fact that she could have any colour – Being an artist herself and being used to working with colour she felt that she wanted to be able to have some input into the final choice of colour In the end she chose Little Green French Grey 113 and our paint supplier matched the dark colour which she had mixed herself and used to paint a cupboard in the kitchen to use as the paint on the island.

She then told me that the build was going to be on the TV but couldn’t tell me which channel or what programme however I said I would see if I could get any help with any of the products. She chose Latona Tristone as a worktop for her kitchen and Tristone very kindly gave us the product free – we still had to fabricate it but it all helps when you have an expensive build. Tristone is an acrylic solid surface material that combines practicality, durability, and elegance. Acrylic Solid Surface is non-porous which prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and mold. The 40 plus colours available in UK range from solid Pure White to marbled colour, such as Moria. It can be thermoformed, moulded and joined seamlessly into various shapes, which allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design(s) and offers limitless self-expression and design possibilities.

When it came to storage she wanted loads but with the shape of the build it was not possible to put in wall units – however Rita designed a cupboard for the end of the worktop run that had folding doors but it still had to be shaped at the back to take account of the curve of the building. However we managed to get a spice rack, a pullout tray storage, a bin and a corner flymoon to at least give her a bit more storage.

The next issue we had was extraction for the SMEG range – there was no way they could have a ceiling extractor or a wall extractor so the only solution was a downdraft – however Janice wanted a gas range and you cannot have a downdraft with gas, after being shown an induction in action she decided that maybe it would be ok to have an induction instead and actually she now loves it as it is so easy to clean. The range was supplied by Hafele at a small discount. The Client purchased some other Smeg products to go with the range and the kitchen. The downdraft was provided at a discount by Faber. Faber have been creating stunning cooker hoods since 1955. Faber’s Italian designs incorporate the most innovative technology available, coupled with elegant and unique styling.

Janice also wanted a microwave but did not have any space on the worktop so Rita designed the island to incorporate the microwave. They also had underwater heating and no where to put all the pipes so again they had to go in the end cupboard of the island. We designed the end of the island to her requirements so that she could put some of her wooden “reclaimed” fruit boxes in the space.

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