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The Toast of Towcester

Another Stunning kitchen from Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors. Expertly fitted in a lovely home that wasn’t so close to home.

Referrals and recommendations.  By far the best way to attract new customers.  For Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors, they are coming from far and wide.

On a plot near Watford the owner decided to build two brand new homes on the site. The building company used, obviously recognise quality when they come across it, as they recommended Kingsey Kitchens to design, produce and install in both homes.

Once the kitchens were installed, the land owners daughter decided she too would like a Kingsey Kitchen in her own home – in Towcester.

It seems Kingseys reputation for excellence is spreading. The kitchen featured here is the one installed in Towcester. As with most of their commissions, this one involved a combination of building work and some creative thinking. First came the “dirty” bit.  When pulling off the old tiles revealed problems with the walls. These had to be strengthened and completely re-plastered. The ceiling also had to be replaced, with new electrics installed and spotlights fitted.

Sensibly the owners took a short break while the building work was carried out. It certainly shows a lot of trust in Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors that they left them alone to get on with the job.

The kitchen space was re-configured to the clients wishes.  Bespoke features included the latest infa-red heaters, which are fitted into the ceiling and plinth, they are just 4mm thick. Far less obtrusive and more efficient than conventional radiators.

Two specific requirements were for a baking cupboard that housed everything a budding Mary Berry could wish for, and a ‘man’ cupboard. This is to house all those things normally left lying around on surfaces before they go missing. Keys, batteries, screwdrivers, touches etc. The baking cupboard has some very neat pocket doors which means they slot back down into the side so if you are working in the cupboard the doors don’t get in the way. Another request was for a built in Siemens coffee machine. Siemans feature heavily in the bank of appliances along one wall, including a Siemens induction hob and a cook cast iron looking cooker hood by Elicia Dolcé.

The cupboards are a stunning shiny acrylic with tops of Hanex Stratum.  The kitchen tops are particularly impressive. In fact it’s what you don’t notice that is most impressive.  The upstand is curved and moulded, so unlike a lot of kitchens, you don’t see a join.

Two user friendly fridge drawers by Hotpoint also feature. The bespoke nature of Kingsey’s work also spills into the utility room. Behind the sink, the narrow wall was measured and built exactly to store washing baskets and other laundry paraphernalia.

As you can see, Kingsey will go out of their way (in more ways than one) to provide you with a dream kitchen.

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